Example ProjectΒΆ

First you’ll need to ensure that you’ve installed Qanda, and that you also have a recent install of Django itself.

Next, in your terminal you’ll want to run through the Django project setup. Assuming you’re already in the django-qanda directory:

$ cd example/
$ python manage.py syncdb

This will create the SQLite database in the current directory. Follow the on-screen prompts as with any Django project.

Skip this part if you want to get started straight away or, if you’d like to load the sample data for Qanda you can run the following command to import the supplied fixtures:

$ python manage.py loaddata ../qanda/fixtures/qanda_example.json

At this point you’re ready to play with the example project, and you can simply run Django’s development server as normal:

$ django manage.py runserver

Finally, log into the admin area at, or go to to take a look at the templates in action.